Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Pine siskin,Yellow-Headed Blackbird, Red-naped Sapsucker (20150603) One last run out to the Ranch with Jamie

The Moving van is arriving on Friday June 5th, I was able to sneak out one more day with Jamie. The weather was terrible cool and raining. When you are just a visitor and you only have a couple of days you have to take the weather your are given. On this trip I am the tourist so if it's raining today that is what we have for weather! Jamie and I started doing trips together about 5 years ago and it is a friendship that will last the rest of my life! Our morning started with a Pair of Mountain Blue birds feeding this years first set of hatchlings.
Dad was working just as hard as mom was. These birds have been a real treat for me to learn!
 Even in June, there is a lot of "springing" still going on as you head further up the mountains. This female red-winged blackbird is sitting a bush still filling out its leaves.
Here is the male, showing just how wet the morning actually was.
I believe it was on the second pass through Black Rock road we found these cooperative Pine Siskins. If memory serves me correctly Jamie actually took this image. The little birds were on his side of the truck so I handed him my camera and ask that he shoot a couple of frames.
We also found this young Whitetail buck taking in the morning. He wasn't concerned with us. It is great to see them in their "red" summer coat.
The Red-naped Sapsucker has been another favourite of mine, although my best images are from British Columbia, they are great looking birds.
Eastern Kingbirds always provide a challenge as they don't often sit for very long. This shot was taken just after noon and we were hoping we might get some sun.
Our hope for improved light faded as fast as the light itself as the weather moved back in and every thing turned very dull. I had to lighten this image quite a bit, baby coots are a hoot!
We spent some time in this same area and came up with a number of birds, it is a shame that the light was so poor. This female Yellow-headed Blackbird let us drive up pretty close.
A male wasn't very far away trying to serenade any female that would listen, I guess.
We had Canada geese with youngsters, and a trio of Ruddy ducks but this pretty well summed up our day. I really look forward to the opportunity to do this track once again with Jamie! If you get the chance grab a "buddy" and put some "wild" in your life!  Turbo

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