Sunday, 14 February 2016

Crows, Eagles, Black-backed Gull (20160202) A beautiful Ground Hog day out at Eagle Watch

With  the promise of blue skies Len and I scheduled Ground Hog day to go see the Eagles perform at Sheffield Mills. We arrived right at prime time and got set up to watch the action. The Crows were around and providing a little entertainment.
They make for wonderful birds to use for practice. Their lack of contrasting colour make them difficult to get great images of, all the more reason to keep trying.
The large slow moving Black-backed Gulls make great targets as well.
That was a pretty good underside look, and now for the Black-back!
We spent about 5 and half hours and the stars of the show were woefully inactive. We did manage grab some images as they did a few token fly-bys.
It was pretty disappointing as the conditions were super and the birds were present, just lethagic and unwilling to feed. 
 I missed probably the best fly-by of one of the Redtails, but the crows kept harassing them so they were in the air quite a bit.
With that bit of "wild" installed in our day, we headed over and had a cup of tea with Mom. Take the chance to put some "wild" in your life, it will do you good. 

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