Friday, 26 February 2016

Dunlin, Turnstone, Seal (20160220) A trip to the salt water.

I reached out to Angela Granchelli one of the ladies that I did the Cape Sable Island trip with. I was curious to see if she had any plans for the day. It was good mid-day low tide and Angela thought that a trip to Wedge Island in Three Fathoms Harbour would be a good target for subjects.  We can only get to the island duing low tide so timing is important. we made out travel arrangements and established our meeting place. We concentrated on getting to the island while we still had open passage. So we did not stop to shoot any thing until we were on our walk to the island. we were pleased to see several seals in the area.
We spent a little time with this particular seal, It seemed to be trying to climb on this rock to rest.
You can probably tell from the colours of the water, we had a very overcast day. Angela had headed out with the hope of finding a Red-throated Loon, Our seach was interupted by this crew.
There were two Dunlin and three Ruddy Turnstones. Here are the Dunnie's.
Two fo the three Turnstones.
The air shots wre not the only images I was able to get. After they came in for a landing they started working the shoreline.  Here are the two Dunlins.
And this is probably the best image of a Turnstone I have.
Here is a shot of two of the Stoneturners with some rocks too big to roll over.
In a while we bumped into some folks that Angela knew. They had a scope so she was able to see her Loon and some Alcids: a Thick-billed Murre, and a Razorbill.We also found a number of fresh owl pellets indicating that there might be a Snowy in the area. Angela has provide this image of me getting shots of the shorebirds.
That takes care of this outing! Get out into the woods, or even your yard, or a local park and put a little "wild" in your life!

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