Monday, 22 February 2016

Yellow Breasted Chat, Song Sparrow (20160215) The last time I saw the Chat

Well for several weeks now the way-laid Yellow Breasted Chat has been surviving do to the assistance of many people to keep it fed and watching its progress. It is a great cooperative bird to photograph with terrific colour.
While it has lost all of its tail feathers it is still able to fly quite effectively. Having it locatred in these rose brambles adds a lot to the environment of the shots. 
In this shot you can see where the little bird has actually lost the outside toe on the right foot. It seems that it has actually helped the bird as it is willing to use that foot more often. 
Here you can see a little of the bounty that folks are leaving out for the bird. It certainly enjoys the blueberries. In this shot you can see that it actually is standing on the right foot, something it has not done a lot of lately.
It was a very beautiful day out at the cementery. Andthis is actually the last day this bird has been seen in the area. With a bit of a warm spell the bird may have decided to try and get down south where it belongs.
Of course the Chat was not alone, the Chickadees were always drifting in and out keeping us cheered with their song.
There is also quite the concentration of Song Sparrows. They make for great subjecs as well.
The Cardinals didn't come in present for any shots. I believe it was due in part to the how busy the area was with a lot of out-of-towners looking for both the Chat and the Redwing that had been spotted in the area. Here is my wrap up image, another Chickadee, it terrific surroundings.
So hopefully the Chat will make its way down to Mexico where it belongs. That would be quite an adventure at this time of year. Take your own little adventure and put a little wild in your life!

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