Monday, 1 February 2016

Chat, Cardinal, Robin (20160126) A trip with Len to the cementery

Well Len could find a day on his calendar with an opening, and the weather was supposed to co-operate so he came out and we went for a Chat hunt. He was really interested in getting some Waxwing images if the opportunity arose.
We didn't have to wait too long for the local celebrity to appear. Len was pretty pleased that the bird was cooperative. As you can see the locals are trying to keep this brid well fed.
I really like the olive green colouration on the back and tail. Although it has been favouring the right leg here is a shot that shows it will still use it if it has to.
What a great environment to shoot this beautiful bird!
We waited a little while to see if anyone else would show up, when this wonderful subject put in appearance.
This boy provided us with some nice poses before stuffing his face in the seeds.
We then took a little educational stroll around the property with the hope of getting some Waxwings. We didn't find any "shootable" waxwings. We did find  a couple of waxwings, and after waiting for a while they didn't "present" a shot. I did manage to get this image of a pair of Robins.

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