Monday, 15 February 2016

Woodpeckers, Pheasants, Doves (201602-early) Some work from around the yard.

After feeding the Chat this morning and spending a little time in the cemetery I came home and spent a little time in the yard. I spotted  6 or 7 woodpeckers flitting around. Hairy here is always around and very approachable.
Along with two or three Hairy's there were several Downy's buzzing around. The females were also being quite willing to pose.
After a while I noticed this guy working over one of my Maple trees pretty hard. I was able to shoot a couple of videos, like this one where he's grabbing some ants: Mining Hairy Woodpecker.
I was glad that I had picked up the tripod and it was handy for this opportunity. Shot at 600mm and just 1/15 of a second shutter speed.
I also captured him just chilling after some hard working. I call this video Breathing.
The next day I grabbed on opportunity I have been waiting to capture. I had been watching two rooster pheasants in the back yard when they "popped" up into one of our Hemlock trees. I have captured them in a hardwood before but this is my first in a conifer.
The next morning we were getting some snow and sunshine. I was able to hang out the bedroom window and capture this beautiful Mourning Dove.
A little further in the tree there were a group of Doves taking in the sun. I hope I have done them justice here.
I have been seeing some Juncos around but they have not been sitting still at all for shots.  I'll post this one, just for the heck of it.
On the next morning I grabbed a few photos of "8:00 Charlie". This, I believe, is Feathers younger brother, and likely the same bird I posted above in the conifer.
On the 11th, I was watching out the window and spotted the Pileated back at the Maple so I grabbed the camera and the tripod. 
I shot some images and video without my glasses. Unfortunately the video didn't turn out very well. But I caught a great break when I spotted him back an hour later. Here is one of the video's that I am happy with: Male Pileated #1
Here is a low light shot taken at 1/30 of a second. 
This is a second video: Pilly2 . I hope you enjoy. These are just some examples of how easy it is to put a little "wild" in your life. 

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