Thursday, 23 June 2016

Chestnut, Snapper, Yellow-bellied Sapsucker (20160621) A welcome to Summer.

The first day of summer was supposed to be summer like so I invited Angela G out to see how the Sapsucker  chicks were doing. I thought that I owed her the privilege as she introduced me to the walk. We had both of our puppies with us so it would be a new experience. Just as we got started we found this Chestnut-sided warbler.
We then spotted a long distance Yellow Warbler, but we almost stepped upon the find of the day as far as I am concerned. Right on the edge of the trail we came across this lovely lady putting the finishing touches on her "nest".
This is the first nesting Snapper I have found anywhere. What a pleasureable encounter. I certainly hope we didn't create any stress for her  with us and the dogs around. A beauty of this rarity deserves another image on the blog.
Mothers seemed to be the theme of the day as this female Purple Finch was doing the injured wing routine to distract us from her babies.
Next up we found yet another mother as she was gathering "old man's beard" to line her nest. The Cedar Waxwings are always great to find.
We did manage to find a few males around. Like an American Redstart and this male Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, take chow home for the youngsters.
We were also treated to this Song Sparrow in a field where we also spotted another couple of Waxwings. It was also bordered in areas with this beautiful flower which I think is called purple fushia.
On the stroll back to the truck we took special note that the turtle had returned to her watery world. We also found this beautiful butterfly, identification unknown.
Another successful fun walk with Angela and Macy. We certainly had the "wild" added to our lives!

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