Thursday, 9 June 2016

Humming Birds, Purple Finch, wild flowers (20160604) Some backyard activity

Of course with new Camera equipment every subject is now on the list to see if the there is any opportunity to improve the quality of subjects already shot with other gear. In the back yard at this time of year the Humming birds are always first choice.
These guys are awful tough to get close to, so soon I will need to be putting up the blind.
Hopefully we can start getting some nice sunny days so that I can freeze those wings once or twice.
Here is a bird that I have been boosting my image quality with. The Purple Finch has typically been a very tough bird for me to shoot.
Here is another shot, just to prove to you that the first wasn't just a fluke.
I took a little walk around the yard and was pleasantly surprised to find a number of these beautiful Painted Triliums.
I also spotted these delicate little white starburst flowers. I have yet to be able to identify them.
Mrs Hairy also put in an appearance even though the light was almost non-existant.
We headed out to New Minas to watch the Blue Jays game with Mom. She mentioned that her female hummer was coming every twentyminutes. So I sit outside for a little while to try anf get a shot or two.
And here is one with a little different background.
Love those Hummers! Take some time with someone and put some "wild" in your life, it'll do you both good!

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