Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Robin, Pheasant, Bumblebee(20160611 and 15) More practice subjects from around the house.

Well with a nice sunny day in front of me what is better than snapping a few pics in the yard? So I stayed on the deck for a couple of hours to see what would appear. There are a few Grackles around, and their colour is always wonderful.
Of course the American Robins are out in force getting chow for the young-uns.
My resident Black-throated Green Warbler also came out to sing to me. I have been a little disappointed that I haven't seen more warblers in the yard so far this year.
Mr. Hairy woodpecker also put in an appearance, he is always welcome at the feeders.
While the birds were cooperative, I also found this nice sunny Chipmunk.
Certainly the star of the show was this wonderfully coloured rooster Pheasant.
On the 15th I headed out to spend a little time with Len. While waiting for him to get back to the house I grabbed this shot of a bumble bee.
And as the other dayI finished up the evening with another beautiful pheasant.
Around my house or Len's, it is never tough to put a little "wild" in the life!

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