Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Hummer, Flowers, Chipmunk (20160609&10) Stuff around the yard.

Well with new gear I am anxious to master the new format and lens. There is a lot of adjustments so I try and take some images every day. Here are some from just around the yard. Thankfully the back yard is pretty active so there is almost always something available, like this Chipmunk.
I grabbed a few shots of one of the crows that live in the neighbourhood.
I have been learning more about the wildflowers that we have here on the property too. Here is a small plot of Yellow Clintonia.
Here is a closer look of these tiny yellow flowers. 
 I have also been pleased to find a wild orchid on the lot, but so far just this one pink Ladyslipper. 
The next morning I spent some time waiting for Hummer opportunities. Here is one, kind of stretched out a little. 
It was really nice to see two female hummers at the same time. I am hopeful that we will have a buzzing place in a couple of months. 
And of course, Bizzy is always willing to provide a modeling pose or two for me on the back deck.
It was a great couple of days of just shooting around the house. We are glad to be in a new spot with so much potential to put some "wild" in our lives every day!

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