Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Loons, Gray Jay, Palm Warbler (20160607) Another fishing trip with Len.

We were getting painfully aware that the best trout fishing in the province will be coming to an end soon so we headed to the east hoping for some action. Unfortunately the road in was empty of subjects, and even the landing was quiet. So we had to keep our eyes peeled for opportunity on the lake. We spied this Grey Jay on shore, and just after seeing this bird an accipitor swooped into the area.
Nearing the end of our trolling we had the pleasure of being joined by a couple of curious Loons. While they did come closer than their usual 1/2 mile circle they did not come right up to the boat. 
My buddy Jamie got some super Loon shots earlier this year that I would encourage you to visit at his "head shot" here. Here are a couple more shots of this pair, in terrible lighting conditions. 
Here is one of my best from the day. Maybe the closest they came to us. 
My best effort of the day of a single bird on a heavily cropped edit. 
We had a super day on the lake, it was warm and beautiful and we even landed a few trout. When we got back to the truck we were able to find this little Palm Warbler, which is my first of the year. 
The drive out was as uneventful as the drive in unfortunately. Last year we had a little excitement in one direction or the other, C'est la vie!  Take some time and put a little "wild" in your life!

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