Friday, 24 June 2016

Snapping, snapping, Snapping Turtles (20160623) my favourite (so far) subject here in Nova Scotia.

Well it was one year ago today that the moving truck arrived and we moved into our new abode here in Middle Sackville. With a bright, beautiful, calm morning Bizzy and thought we would walk the tracks to see if we could find any turtles. Our encounter on Tuesday has got me all cranked up about finding more of these neanderthals! As we strolled down the tracks we greeted with this sight:
What a great way to start the morning! This girl seemed be struggling between the tracks finding a place to dig her nest. Here is a view that you might never have seen before. They have quite a tail.
We spent a little time with this lady and we were working our way around her to give her some room, and received this surprise.
For the size of these beasts, they are very easily hid on the gravel background. This is Mama Number 2. It looks like her eggs are buried and she is just finishing up her nights work. Here is another shot of Mama 1.
With this activity on the tracks I decided to take a look around the lake a little and found two more of these large turtles in out in the open water. Here isa shot of one of the long distance "floaters".
Then I started to be more acutely aware of what was happening right at the shoreline. I was not disappointed at all, rather it was another bonanza! I found this lady fully submerged in about 12-15 inches of water. I have darkened the photo to emphasize the shape in the water.
Here is a nice image of a girl just sticking her head out of the water.
I popped back to see how Mama 2 was making out and grabbed this up close portrait. Shot @ 270mm. What a prehistoric looking critter.
Turning back to the shoreline, I spotted this lady which looks like number 7 on the morning. I like how clear this shot is considering she is under water. You can see her tail and even her small eyes.
With Mama two finished her work, we backed away and let her move along her way. Here she is getting over the railway track seperating her from her pond.
I included this shot to show just how high they will lift their hind legs as they walk. Nothing but good fortune and thanks to my gifts of nature this morning.
On the way back to the truck we stumbled across this dead critter which I believe is a shrew of some sort. I was surprised to see it in this state considering the crows and coyotes that are around.
As far as the Snappers are concerned, these beautiful, but fierce reptiles have taken the place of my much sought after Grizzlies of the rockies. These are my Nova Scotia Grizzlies. I love 'em! Get out for a walk around in your neighbourhood, no telling what you might find that will put some "wild" in your life!

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