Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Chipping Sparrow, Downy, Dark-eyed Junco (20160716) Mom's house has the babies.

Well It is a Saturday and we are headed over to Mom's to watch the Jays beat the Oakland Athetics, but that wasn't the outcome of the game. While we were there I was able to grab a couple of images. Mom has been entertaining some Downy Woodpeckers juveniles and they were quite approachable. Here is one of the three girls.
Another set of youngsteres that she has are Dark-eyed Juncos. I have had a family around the house but haven't been treated to posing birds yet.
I am also jealous of her little Chipping Sparrow that she has tied up.
The other thing that Mom has that is great in the yard are some very lark Oak trees. In the front yard the oak has beautiful two foot long stub of a branch, the birds all like to stop in there. Here is a Dark-eyed Junco.
A beautiful female Goldfinch popped up and onto the branch.
Here is a deadly Downy male juvenile that has been the star of the show.
 Mrs Goldfinch wasn't alone, here were at least 4 or 5 males taking advantage of the food that she puts out.
And of chourse the Chickies were present.
I am always pleased to to be able to capture a good example of the "dark eye" of the Junco.
I thought I would toss in a second shot of the Chipping Sparrow. I am pleased with the results I was able to get.
I'll finish up this post with another shot of the Male Downy juvvie. My buddy Jamie thinks it worth hanging on the wall.
Take some time to put a little "Wild" in your life!

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