Thursday, 21 July 2016

Skunk, Waxwing, Harriers (20160714) A trip to Bellisle Marsh with Angela G and Macy

Angela assured me that we would be heading into a "birdy" spot if we headed out to the Marsh, so I said " let's go!" I told her that I would like to get out of town early so she agreed to picked me up @ 5:00 a.m. So the morning came along a couple of hours later and we were on the road. Once we turned off the highway, and headed into the Marsh we could hear and see birds flitting about. We stopped the car and left the puppies inside. This Yellow Warbler was very cooperative.
There were also a number of juveniles in the area. I am not certain which warbler this one is.
I was surprised to find these three Northern Harriers. Looks like mom and two youngsters.
While not uncommon here, I have not seen any where as many savanah Sparrows that I would in the west.
Wewere not finding tons of material in bird world, so I grab what ever is available so this nice yellow dragonfly makes the grade.
When we hit the Marsh area itself I spot some Touch-me-nots a little wild flower that I remember fondly from my childhood.
It was also great to find this strange looking lily pad in field of leaves.
Next up was one of Angela's target species of the day, a nice Sora feeding on a high spot out in the Marsh. I got some long distance shots but nothing worth posting here. Along the back end of the Marsh we were treated to this nice GBH in a field of Lilies in bloom.
 Next up was this mysterious Green-eyed Flutterbye. No offical name as yet. (Update: This is a Clouded Sulphur)
I was really surprised to see how much further along the Pincherries are at Marsh. The trees in my yard are a couple of weeks away from having red berries and they were in almost every tree here. Along with the berries were the "Berry Robbers" Cedar Waxwings.
Next up is the Virginia Ctenucha a blue oth with an orange head. It was a first ever sighting for me.
As primarily a mammal guy the highlight of the morning came when we were once again in the car and found this nice little "kitty".
If you get the chance to spend a little time in the woods with a buddy or two, take it. You won't regret it.

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