Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Osprey, Downey, Bizzy (20160702-07) The first week of July!

As the long weekend continued I had a little more opportunity to spend some time with the local Ospreys. Here is Dad bring home the bacon.
WhileI was standing by a pole watching th Osprey's I spotted this orange bug and decided to capture it. Then processing th shot I found the second bug photobombing the first!
With the golden hour light present, I thought I would try and capture a couple of images of the puppy on the run.
I will need to try this again as she gets older.
The next morning Dad was hard at work trying to empty the ocean of small flounders.
I was also visited by this nice "blue-black" crow. I love when I can capture those colourings in thesetough to shoot subjects.
Waiting finally paid off as I was able to spot one of the two chicks that were in the nest.
Here is another look, at Chick number one. I could only ever get sight of the second's chick grey head from the back.
Later in the week my mother came out for an over night visit. She and I spent some time on the black deck watching birds. She had neve seen a Black-Throated Green Warbler, until this day.
This male Robin was busy hunting up chow for what is likely  the second brood of the year.
Mom was very happy to see the young Downy woodpeckers hanging out at the suet feeder. You can see the Downy female's tail haning below the feeder.
Here is a better environment shot of the young Downy.
I'll wrap this post up here as it is starting to "stretch" out a bit. Put some Wild in your life, it will do you good!

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