Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Snappers, Red-eyed Vireo, Bumblebee (20160626) I am in Snapper heaven.

Well my morning walks have been pretty productive so I thought I would continue to check to see if there are more turtles laying eggs. I took the puppy with me for company and we had another fabulous morning. With no action at our "hot spot" I decided to check out another area. This extended stroll netted us this nice little Red-eyed Vireo.
As we rounded a short bend in the tracks we were greeted by these two ladies, out for an egg laying stroll.
Here is a nice close up of the first lady.
We looked around a little more and didn't see any other action except for a female purple finch. On our stroll homeward we found some more Snappers in our hot spot. He is female number 3 on the morning.
Here is a long distance shot of Snapper 4. It was turning into a pretty snappy day!
Yet another lady laying eggs brings us to Number 5. The morning was approaching record territory.
We spotted a 6th turtle, but it was off in the pond and I was too slow to capture a shot. So the walk was once again very successful. Later in the day we headed out to Len's for a bit, so I took advantage of his local bumblebees.
Here is another shot of this beautiful polinator!
And he has some pretty cooperative American Goldfinches.
What a great way to spend some time with "wildlife" today! Put your self in a spot to enjoy some wildlife!

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