Sunday, 17 July 2016

Flicker, Downys, Hummer(20160708-10) Some yard activity

On the second day of Mom's visit she was treated to some more birds here in the back yard. This daddy Robin was busy gathering food for what I expect is a second brood.
While we were watching a couple of "speckle bellies", aka young Robins this beautiful Northern Flicker popped into then onto the flower bed.
Here is another shot with my wife's mini daffodils in the background.
I was also pleased to get this image of a juvenile Blue Jay. I like the reflection afforded by the water on the top of the hand rail.
he next day we were out to Mom's for some reason and her yound Woodpeckers were very cooperative. As were the parents.
I find it interesting that the red spot starts on the front of the head then gradually migrates to the back.
I also grabbed a couple shots of Mom's wild Lavetera.
The next morning was misty and almost raining. One of my local hummers was taking a position on my tomato plant baskets, so I thought I would try and get a couple of shots.
I am adding a short video HERE, it is primarily intended for Jamie as I know he will like the "scratching" she does with her feet. Put some "wild" in your life, it'll do you a world of good!

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  1. Great shots Paul! And yes the video is awesome, looks like they do everything very fast. Love it!