Monday, 4 July 2016

Ground hog, Snappers, Chipping Sparrow (201606-late) A bit of a hodge podge.

I have been waiting to get some better images of this latest yard critter. I always like to post two images of "first-timers" on the blog. I am afraid I have only been able to capture this single decent shot of our newest list member. While common in the east I don't remember finding a Ground Hog while in Alberta.
I am hoping he doesn't make too much of a nuisance of himself. Here is a shot of one of the yard Chipmunks.
I refuse to give up the chase to get better Blue Jay images. So until I master the shooting of this bird, I will continue to post my works-in-progress.
This next series is of one of the local Snappers. I continue to be enamoured of these pre-historic beasts.
I was positioned quite a distance back away from this lady as she took a stroll along the tracks towards me.
They just remind me of what we have been lead to believe what Dinosaurs looked like.
Now for a near full profile image. And in September it will be the search fo little ones. I believe that these creatures even out-do Grizzly's for their claw to weight ratio.
Then later in the day we were out to Mom's. I had to grab a quick shot of her male Hairy woodpecker.
Just before we left for home I found this little Chipping Sparrow in her back yard. I think they should really be called "skipping" because they rarely sit still.
So a bit of a potpourri of critters over a couple of days. Put some "wild" in your life, you'll love it!

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