Friday, 8 July 2016

Swallows. bull frogs, Kingfisher (20160628-29) Time to take the puppy fishing.

Well it is time to introduce the puppy to the joys of fishing in the aluminum boat. I have had very good luck with having dogs in boats with no severe incidents, and many joyous days spent together. I expect little Bizzy will be a trooper. So as we approach the launch point, on the other side of the lake from the Snapper "hot spot" we are greeted with lady walking up the side of the road.
 While I was out getting the previous image I spotted this lady depositing her eggs.
Even with the electric trolling motor this Kingfisher was very nervous. I could not get anywhere close to it, so this image is heavily cropped.
The little girl did marvelous in the boat, and as it was her first outing I kept it short, about 90 minutes. Back at shore we found a few Green Frogs to shoot. Can you spot all 5 mosquitos that are on this unit. A frame I would call "The predator and the prey!". Considering that the frog will eat the mosquito, I am surprised that they come so close. On the other hand if you are able to get the blood you need to lay your eggs the risk may be worth the reward!
Here is another Greeny, singing in the sun! I love the lush greens of summer here in Nova Scotia.
So here is a hint, but you can only see four of the skitters in this image.
We walked out to the road and spotted one snapper walking around, I won't add any more images here as it seems I have been posting them a lot. These next couple of images are of fledgling Tree Swallows.
Thanks to Rob for letting me know that these yard birds of his were fledging. This is we think are mom and the last to leave the nest.
Not too long after this shot, this last bird left the nest.
I'll wrap this post up here. Two days of great "wild" added to my life!

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