Friday, 29 July 2016

Pheasants, Hummer, Downys (20160720s) Yard birds over a couple of days

Well I have been staying around the house and trying to take care of my tomatos as we hare having some superb summer weather. With time to kill, so to speak, I took a little time in the blind. With better light I was happy that "she" showed up.
I also managed a little video, it can be found HERE. It has a lot better light than my previous attempt.
These next two shots are of a Yellow-shafted Flicker feather that I found in the yard. It's the first time I can ever remember finding one. First, the front.
Here is the underside of the feather, not hard to see how the name "Yellow-Shafted" came about.
Later in the day I was able to capture this young Blue Jay on the side hill. I really like the moss in this shot.
The next day I took the puppy fishing with me. I wasn't planning on staying too long as I had a gas powered motor on this day and wanted to see how she would react. We snuck up on this mother Black Duck with her brood of 6 or 7 young'uns.
It turns out that we ran into a little motor trouble just when we were going to head back to the truck. As we drifted to shore I spotted this lilac coloured plant. I initially thought the colour was the flower, but it turns out to be the leaves of the Tall Meadow Rue.
While out at Mom's on the 20th I shot this second young male Downy Woodpecker. this bird has a much different colouration in his feathers.
Here is what might be his brother. As you can see his red is much brighter.
A couple of days later Momma Pheasant put in an appearance, here she is with 5 of her chicks.
I am pretty certain that this little bird is going to grow up to look just like his daddy!
As always I am chasing a "better Blue Jay" photo. So I continue to try. How does this one rate?
I am happy to live where the opportunity to put a little "wild" in my life comes so easily!

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