Sunday, 5 May 2013

Bluebirds and Swallows. (20130504)

Household items had me tied up on the nicest day of spring we have seen yet. The sun was unimpeded for the greatest part of day which had me scrambling to find someone to get out with for even the briefest time.
A family "uncle" was my victim, he has a penchant for Mountain Bluebirds, and we hadn't been out for quite awhile together. It is nice to see the Redtails returning, I just wish they were a little more approachable.
It was noon before we got away so I wasn't expecting much action. We couldn't find any of our cooperative creatures from the ranch. We were seeing a good number of Bluebirds, and settled on a spot to set up the blind.

The swallows were around too. These are one of the toughest birds (I find) to get a clear shot of, even sitting still, never mind while they are on the wing.
 They were singing and buzzing around. It was a little breezy so they were kind of hugging the fence post.
It was amazing to watch the Bluebirds "hunt". They take a position and just watch for flies and bugs, then pounce, very much like a GGO hunting mice. I expect the Bluebird success rate is much higher.
We spotted the Kestrel again, but he too was uncooperative. I think the uncle had a great time. On the way out I spied a pair of moose feeding in the aspens, about half a mile away, but I will keep an eye on that area future trips out. I have set up a Tuesday evening with Brent to come back here and get some Bluebird shots. I promised him during our Owling trip earlier this year that I would take him for these brilliant birds.

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