Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Rabbits, Rednecked Grebe, Ravens, Chipmunk.Hey, we actually had some Sun on Sunday! (20130505)

With a lot of new birds on the weekly list, and a bright sun coming up the hopes were high for a satisfying day. Before the crowd arrived I was at the water's edge but the loons wouldn't come close enough for a great shot.
As we walked east we were greeted by this Least Chipmunk.
A pair of Snowshoe rabbits were out enjoying breakfast as well.
Another attempt at getting the beautiful colours that the Black Billed Magpie can offer when the light is right.
 There were all kinds of Grebe's on the water most of them a long distance off. This pair of Red Neck Grebes were getting comfortable with our presence enough that we could squeeze off a couple of shots.
I'll wrap this post up with a sot of the Raven's nest-- Momma with two of her four youngsters begging to be fed.
We enjoyed the sun and heat for a change. Here is hoping that you too got out for some wildlife through the week.

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