Tuesday, 21 May 2013

First ever Otters, Brook Trout, Hummers! (20130518) Day one of fishing.

We were looking for a few a Brookies for a lunch. As we came up to the lake, Ken spotted this GBH.
Then as we were putting the boat in I spied this female Kingfisher, complete with meal.  My best kingfisher yet, so you can see I have a loooong way to go:)
There were a few Spotted Sandpipers and I managed to grab this one as it floated on a piece of wood.

We had been catching a fair number of Rainbows but no Brookies. As we swung around the Southeast corner of lake we were surprised to find this pair of Otters. I had seen a couple many (15) years ago on a winter fishing trip, but this pair was within 40 feet.
We think that perhaps the young ones were around as they seemed to be quite upset with us.
one of them would swim up with just the nostrils showing then "pop" up and hiss at us.
This was a terrific encounter, I look forward to finding these members of the weasel family again and again in the future.
We eventually did manage to find some Brookies here is one of our "dinner" fish. These are truly beautiful fish with their mottled back and yellow spots, highlighted with the red spots haloed with blue.
While we were home getting these babies cooked up I managed to to grab a couple of low light images of a hummingbird. If it is a Calliope these are the smallest birds in North America.
This guy looks like he still has some maturing to do! What a great opportunity.
That will wrap up today's post. We are headed to a different lake, who knows what that will bring us. Have a super day!

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