Monday, 27 May 2013

Chipmunk, Whitethroated Sparrow, Yellow Warbler on our May Bird count on Sunday morning.

Last year I did the May bird count with Dan, this year I thought it was last weekend but found out our regular group was going to do an area as part of our regular walk.The morning started with a Spotted Towhee and had many highlights. Moving at a pace that was quicker than normal provider fewer photo opportunities, but I found a few willing subjects like this Downy Woodpecker
One of our favourites is always the Least Chipmunk
I was able to grab a brand new bird for me, this is a Whitethroated Sparrow.
There were a lot birds in the area, even Flycatchers were popping out every now and then.
We found both of the targeted Hummingbird species, the Calliope and Rufous, but they were uncooperative as we could not get anywhere close to them for good shots.
This Redtail made an appearance, one of two on the day.
We ended up with 64 species for the day, not too shabby. I'll wrap the morning post with my first shots of a Yellow Warbler for the season/year.
It was a terrific morning, and we had some sun for a change :-)  By the time we wound up the morning the sun had heated everything up pretty well. I hope you had a great Sunday!

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