Friday, 3 May 2013

Moose, Owl, Grouse, Golden Eagle, Merlin (Grey country, on several levels:) (20130503)

Russell showed up right on time this morning complete with breakfast. With the sun getting up earlier and earlier it is tough now to get out before dawn! We headed out to the "ranch" to see what we could see. we started off by finding Ol' Grey, she is not looking very healthy and I'm concerned. While her calf looks okay, you can count her ribs.  I doubt she'll have a another calf this year. Right now she is at least 6 years old, so I will continue to monitor her. The best news I have is that we found a grey bull this morning. He may only be 2 or 3 years old, but will likely breed if he gets the chance this fall.
We were headed into a spot that I like to sit in a blind and get Mountain Bluebird shots, and picked up this hen Ruffed Grouse on the road.
Then down around a corner and over a rise and we spotted this Varying Hare ( Snowshoe Rabbit)
On our final stretch of road we also picked up Killdeer.
While we were grabbing some shots of the Sheep, Muley's and Elk on the far hill side, we were treated to the appearance of a Golden Eagle, and shortly after a crow came after it.
Getting the blind set up, our first victim was this Tree swallow.
And now for the Bluebirds, I could post these shots all day long!
And now for the missus.
That would normally be it for the day, and we would have been very satisfied. But to wrap up our morning that we were privileged to spend about 15 minutes with this fine specimen of a Great Grey Owl, filling out the trio of "greys" for the day.
It was terrific day that din't seem to want to stop giving, we finished up with a very active Kestrel which just has beautiful colours.
So a very successful morning, that kept getting better. Russell had a super time and we were home before noon. I am looking forward to getting out again tomorrow with Ignacio.  I hope everyone is having a super wildlife weekend.

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