Friday, 31 May 2013

Moose (20130531) NCC Publication.

I checked the mail today to find the latest version of "The Ark" the quarterly magazine from the Nature Conservancy of Canada, and was delighted to see the terrific treatment my moose photo received in the publication. The article is call the Moose heard around the world. The image used was from an outing last fall with Tim.
They flipped the image so the moose is actually looking to the left in publication. The post is dated 120907 if you would like to review. More information regarding the article is here:
This is a section of the country I am personally very familiar with. We lived in Saint John, New Brunswick for 8 years and would travel to Nova Scotia regularly to visit my parents, brother and sister.  I personally would enjoy to opportunity to see moose more often in that province.
Have a great wildlife weekend!

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