Sunday, 5 May 2013

Great Horned owl, Redhead duck, mallard, Beavers at Carburn (20130504)

I was resting comfortably at home when Tim called and wanted to get out for s leg stretch and grab a couple of shots of the GHO's at the local park. There is some question as to whether there are 3 or 4 chicks, in this shot the chick in the back looks a little distressed.
I find it very frustrating that the "general public"have no idea of the stress that they are putting on the family by coming too close and mobbing the nest. Here is a shot of the very patient poppa. He is often overlooked.
I can't say that I am a big Mallard fan, but I have to throw a shot in every now in then just to keep the scorecard balanced.
The water was to provide us with a lot of entertainment and opportunity this evening, here is a pair of common Goldeneyes.
Of course the water wasn't our only entertainment, we found the local herd of "citizen" deer.
Our next water guest was this Redhead, he has his partner with him as well.  Spring is in the air.
Spring of course, is nothing if not the harbinger here in Canada, the American Robin.
Just up the trail this Downy ws pounding his head against the tree.
We swung back around and found Dad one more time, this provides an indication of how easily they can hide right out in the open.
The highlight of the night was getting to watch this beaver and his mate for 10-15 minutes before we lost the light to shoot.
We were able  to get a little closer.
Here is the sight that most people have when they first observe a beaver, that is usually a couple of minutes after it has sounded the alarm with its tail.
A rather long post, but a productive evening. Thanks to Tim, for dragging me out for the walk!

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