Monday, 13 May 2013

Pheasants on a Mothers Day Sunday morning (20130512)

First and foremost I have to say HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!! If it weren't for out mothers none of us would be here!  It was a cloudy morning that started off great.  Even before the walk started we managed a rooster and hen pheasant, so I headed over to see if she would distract him long enough for me to get a shot or two. I was getting into position nicely when "she" flushed, I looked at her and he flushed, I was late getting any shots!
I turned and was able to get this European Starling shot, more nesting material, it must be spring! Sorry for the poor quality.
We split up as we were going to take the folks down to one end of the run, then go back and get the vehicles after we finished up. On the way to our starting point, this fellow provided a photo opp. These are are beautiful coloured birds!
FCPP had experienced a bit of a wild fire earlier this spring, here is a Flicker and a Robin in the fresh green regrowth. It is easy to overlook the lower slung, less colourful Flicker with the brilliance of the orange of the Robin in the background.
A little later we got our first Yellowbellied Sapsucker, it was likely a hybrid as it has a little red on the back of the neck, indicating a Red Nape. But this fella seemed to be happy beating head against the tin roof of a shed, "announcing his presence with authority" :)
On the river the ducks were all over. The Teals kept their distance as usual, but the Merganser's didn't mind a little paparazzi!
We found this pair of American Kestrels, maybe even around their nesting site. The clouds were getting heavier so there was little light. I love the colours of these predatory birds.
Walking through the open area, we were surprised as this crow came overhead with its recently "stolen" meal.
Did I mention that this was Pheasant day? Here is number 6 or 7 on the morning, and the roosters were out and strutting their tail stripes.
Back along the river we were able to find a pair of Gadwall ducks. These understated looking ducks actually have some terrific patterning on their breasts and sides.
That pretty well wrapped up the walking portion of our session, we picked up this Great Blue Heron on the drive back to our starting point. It amazes me just how short their tail feathers are.
A long post but we spotted 47 different specie on this little excursion. We spotted a Merlin as we exited the parking lot. a very successful morning. I hope everyone has a great wildlife week.

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