Thursday, 20 June 2013

Mountain Sucker, Brown trout, Cedar waxwing, can you believe Fish, on a bird walk? (20130616)

Griffith Woods, Father's Day, a small group of us were headed into "the Woods" to see what we could find. Our two regular leaders were not available so we had another leader for the group, and I think we might have thrown him off his game:)
Whitewinged Crossbills were visible from the parking lot, then we had a long discussion about a Spotted Sandpiper that was not piping like we would expect it to. We were able to get pretty close to this Crow.
As we were quietly standing by the river this White Sucker came slowly swimming by.
Just up the river a bit we watched at this 14-16" Brown trout came swimming down through the clear water, only to swing around and position itself under some brush, to sit in ambush of dinner.
As we swung to the northwest corner of our walk we could here the Ruby Crowned Kinglet talking to us. These little fella's hang out high in the conifers, and I can never manage to get a good close shot.
As we were wrapping up our walk we met the 9:00 a.m. group. As we stood discussing the "spottings" of the morning. This Cedar Waxwing popped into a nearby trees.
I like how the wind is evidenced in the birds crest. I will state that we missed our regular leaders as their ears and knowledge of bird song would have been helpful :)  I hope everyone had a GREAT wildlife weekend!

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