Sunday, 16 June 2013

Moose, Whiskey Jacks, Townsend Solitaire on a Friday track for Grizz (20130614)

Well I'm living prove that "the sun don't shine on the same dog's ass everyday":). Jamie and I were doing some rental lens testing for him and decided to see if it could shoot Bears very well. Out of the house by 4:30, gas, brekkies and high hopes of spotting some bears on a morning with hopefully very little traffic. 6:15 and we had our first encounter: a cow moose, again with no calf. She was down getting her morning drink of water.
We found this fine specimen in one of our favourite areas for moose. This  is the nicest looking early looking set of antlers I have found this year, this boy is going to be huge  come fall. You can see the start he has on the front "fighting spikes" and his palms will are looking promising.
We found a pair of chipmunks at the end of one of our favourite (rabbit) road. Oddly we didn't spot a single rabbit.
I am always on the lookout for an opportunity to grab some shot so of Canada's Grey Jay. Known as "camp birds, "meat birds" and "Whiskey Jack".
It is also nice when I can find one of the Juvenile birds. I think their colour is great!
It was a typical day in the mountains: we had rain, cloud, sun, rain, sun, cloud. We saw these delicate looking flowers and thought that they deserved a little attention. None of the shots I took do them justice.
On the way home we found this Townsend Solitaire. I believe we are at the southern edge of their summer breeding zone, so I was surprized to be able to find it in such nice light. I usually find these birds in the winter on duller days.
It turned out to be an odd day. No bears, no rabbits, almost nothing at all on the "rabbit road". But we were able to find enough to keep us busy:)  I hope you ll get out on the weekend for some wildlife time.

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