Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Saturday Supplemental Bears, Bluebirds and Hummers (20130615)

As promised in the last post here are some more shots from Saturday's outing. We loved the look that this Grizzly afforded us, he even bared his teeth for us:)
This was my 10th grizzly of the year so far, and I have yet to find on e that is tagged or collared. Here is a clear shot of this bear's neck and ears.
This bear had crossed the road and started walking parallel to the road. I thought that this was a nice natural environment shot.
Another shot with a nice environment, but he knows exactly where I am. By this time a "bear jam" was starting to form and the cars pulling up and stopping just kept this bear moving.
One more of this beautiful animal. Although the time was short it was a great close encounter with carnivore.
Another great critter, mini not mighty is the Rufous Hummingbird.
Unfortunately this feeder was in the shade so it was tough to get great light, but I'll take these every day of the week :)
Getting these little guys as they are buzzing around is really tough!
These are very beautiful birds!
And now for a little bit of a different colour, I am in love with the Mountain Bluebird.
This "pair" has provided me and my traveling partners many many opportunities this year. (No crop)
A mother's work s never done, another "up close" shot of mom delivering the goods to her little ones (no crop).
Here is dad "cleaning up after the kids". What a great guy!
Well, you are likely getting fed up with these shots, so I'll shut down this post.  I still have the Sunday morning walk to get posted here. It is not likely to make it tomorrow night as Jamie and I are headed for the mountains, hoping for a light traffic, multi-bear night-- uh rahhhh


  1. Hello Turbo.
    Excellent shots. I really liked the bluebirds. Hope your staying dry and out of the rain.
    L from the Cross

  2. Yes we are "high and dry" was wondering about Pine Creek, is it gushing?
    The latest sessions are some of the best Bluebird shots I have ever taken. I really love the female, the muted pastel tones to me are really beautiful.