Monday, 24 June 2013

Veery, Redeyed Vireo, butterflies on our Last Sunday walk of the session.(20130623)

This was our final walk of the year, it seemed to be a very minimal thought to the day as Calgary has been on a significant flood alert since Thursday.100,000 people evacuated, significant damage to property, homes and businesses. The downtown Calgary core shutdown on Friday and will be shutdown until sometime mid-week.
I stopped at the wrong entry way, and still picked up a couple of shots.  I thought I would throw this one up as a comparison between a Northern Flicker and a Blackbilled Magpie.
There were a lot of Flycatchers out and about.
Now in my second year of chasing these birds around, I finally managed an acceptable image of a Veery. A bird that many people here, then think it is a Robin singing. These birds have cleaner crisper tone to their song.  I have to thank Bob for this bird!
Another little bird that was singing most the day were the House Wrens. I like that I caught this one in their environment, tough conditions.
I also managed to grab a shot of this singing Redeye Vireo. I have shot this bird before, but never posted. This is a poor shot, but I thought I would share anyway.
Other flying objects were plentiful too, like the Yellow Swallowtail Butterfly
As we neared the area were the Eastern Phoebe hangs out, I though we had found it, but alas it was yet another Least Flycatcher.  Just down the hill however the Phoebe could be heard (by everyone but me).
On the walk back to the vehicles we spied this heavily damaged little Butterfly, I once again have to thank my Hand Model--Rose for posing the featured item (she also held the Bluebird egg from a couple of posts ago.
We were chasing our second Rosebreasted Grosbeak of the day, when I found this wasp (another flyer).
That wraps up the walks for the year and this post. We did find a couple of hen ducks with their smaller broods, but left them to their business, as we should.  Another successful day for me, and the memories.
Have a great Wildlife Week!

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