Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Bluebirds, Grizz, Moose, Old Grey South end of Highway 40 opens today, that means grizzlies. (20130615)

After being shut out for bears on Friday Jamie and I were again on the road by 4:30 a.m. expecting that with the south end of the highway opening we might get some bear action today. Kerri was heading in from the north end and we were hoping to perhaps meet on the road. With he road not opening until 8:00 we thought that we would get a little "ranch time" in then get to on the pavement. Neither grey moose could be found, but we did spot a nice bull, and a doe with her twin boys, then we headed in for some early morning bluebird shots.
Dad and mom were very busy fetching food for the fledglings. Sometimes the morning light works for me, but most the time I find it very difficult to shoot in.
We arrived at the gate at 7:50 and it was open and no one else was in sight so we were set! It turned out to be a very unproductive drive until we were almost through to the north gate. We spy a "bear car" it turns out to be Kerri with our first  and only bear of the day (happens to be my 10th of the year). 
I will post a few more shots in a supplemental post, as we actually had a busy day:) up the road we turned into Rainbow Valley and had to stop to get a shot or two.  Sometimes these landscape guys can be okay!
We found this female coyote on the "rabbit road", maybe this is why we haven't seen any rabbits lately:)
It is pretty amazing how easily they just disappear on the gravel road. On the way out Jamie spotted this cow moose having lunch. One of the challenges in grizz season is a stopped car can often mean a bear, and that can quickly create a bear jam. Although we were well off the road, there were still cars slowing down, and one of these vehicles spooked our cautious critter.
We stopped for gas and picked up a pile of shots of the resident Rufous hummingbirds that hang out there. 
These are perhaps my best hummer shots ever, it helps to have such a colourful bird to work with. I will throw a couple more of these in my supplemental post for this day.
Getting pooped out from all the action we decided to take a leisurely ride home through the ranch and maybe try out the 2.0 TC's on the Blue birds. We found this Morning Cloak and thought it deserved a shot or two.
Here are a couple more bluebird shots, first momma, perhaps my best ever, no crop.
I could easily do a supplemental on just this session. On the way out we spotted my favourite moose, along with her son.
That was the icing on a great day in the woods. I will have to put a supplemental post to add a few more shots of the bear and hummers, I think I will even add a couple ore Bluebird shots too. It'll be done in a day or two. 

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