Sunday, 30 June 2013

Bluebirds, Bucks, Redtails Out to the Ranch, no access to bears.(20130628)

With all the devastation in town and the surrounding areas, trying to find a place to get out was a challenge, I figured the Ranch should be good. We headed out pretty early and were hoping to have a great day. We was pretty quite on the drive in. I had Jamie in the back of the truck for one of our favourite roads. We spotted a young bull moose, but he wasn't hanging around for "any stinking photo opp"! On the way out I grabbed this Redtail, the light was behind him so the quality is pretty poor.
After stopping for a beverage and taking a couple of minutes to enjoy the day, we spied a few elk heading out of the high country, including a cow with her days old calf, complete with spots. While we stood around we were reminded of how much life is around us at all times, a female Goldfinch, Wilson Snipes and a pile of various sparrows, including this Savannah.
And this Clay Coloured.
We also found a family of recently fledged Mountain Bluebirds, here is one of the fledgelings.
We can see how having 5 or 6 little ones around is starting to run dad ragged!
As we were in the area we thought we would take a look at the south entrance to Highway 40, we couldn't get very far. But that doesn't mean that there wasn't anything out and about. This Muley Buck was determined to get across the highway.
We found another buck that had died, off his carcass, we put up this eagle with a crow hot in pursuit.
Being closer to the mountains there were RedTails everywhere. On the way home we found this little buck resting beside the road in the shade. 
So a slower start to the day ended up with a great overall day. Here is hoping that you too get a chance to get out and enjoy some of what Canada has to offer to us!

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