Tuesday, 4 June 2013

More Grizz shots from Sunday (20130602b)

When we get the opportunity to spend the amount of time with wild animals that we did on Sunday you really get to observe their behaviours. I thought that I would throw in another set of shots of the bear we spent time with.
Sometimes you have to interrupt your dinner for a little scratch. Not a pose you often to get see. To me this is an indication of the level of comfort he was feeling. These are animals rely on their senses constantly.
Eyes, ears, nose always working and on alert. It was clear that he was aware of the presence of the truck and was not alarmed in any way by our presence. This next shot is for my buddy Jamie, he would have loved to been able to grab shots like this.
Ever have an itch that you couldn't quite reach?  Now, do you think anyone caught me doing this?
Do you think my nails would look better if I went Goth?
We could have easily spent more time with this fella, but we left him exactly as we found him more than two hours earlier, munching on dandies on the side of the road. We always try and leave the critters just as we found them.  Here is a shot of our Bull moose from earlier in the morning. We left him to as we found him, feeding on the side of the road. I believe the image below reflects how relaxed the big fella was as he strolled across the road to get more chow. He was in no distracted by our presence. I wish to thank Russell for contributing this image to the blog.
I hope you don't get fed up with the Grizz shots, it was a fabulous day! Here is to the upcoming weekend, Friday I am going to see if I can find a Bluebird for Brent.

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