Thursday, 29 August 2013

Outing with Dan for Warblers (20130829)

Dan and I got our communications wired this morning while heading out to a city park. We didn't get hooked up until well after 8:30, but I got my very much needed walking in. Dan had great opportunities presented about 10 days ago at this park, apparently the warblers are starting to gsather for their southern migration.While we were seperated I grabbed this shot of a Northern Flicker.
Now that we got together we were able to ferret out this pair of young Mallards.
We made our way over to where there seemed to be some "action" and we started to find some birds. I don't know this one, but then I don't know most of them:)
If I this ID correct this is a Warblering Vireo.
While we were there I ws hoping to find a bird tht Dan had spotted earlier in the day, and sure enough a pair of Black and White Warblers, this is a new life bird for me, sorry for the poor quality shot.
Here is another bird that I don't know the identity of, there seemed to be a great little buch of birds flitting around.
We got the word about a nearby nest and were working our way over to that area we were entertained by several White throated Sparrows.
I could easily have posted 15 shots of these great little birds. Here is a shot of one singing.
We finally made our way over to the nest and I grabbed this shot of a Cooper's hawk. it is a mystery to me why she would still be sitting on a nest, her eggs should have already hatched, and the youngsters fledged.
We wrapped up our outing here, when I arrived home I had this fella sitting beside the house, so I thought I'd take a shot for the post.
I hope that everyone has a great wildlife week, I hope to get out a few times on the upcoming weekend.

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