Monday, 30 June 2014

Grizzly, Marmot, Groundsquirrel (20140628) A trip out to K country

With some rented gear for the long weekend, Kerri was the first to suggest a trip and we headed out to Kananskis looking for some "large" critters. The drive in was somewhat uneventful. We were getting into bear country when we found this beast, in the same place as I fgound him last week.
Next up was a Columbian Groundsquirrel. I thought that I should capture a few familiar faces to do some comparisons later on.
This Varying Hare required some stealth activities in order to get close enought to fill the frame. It was a gracious subject.
Our journey continued, on the hunt gor larger critters, but none were to be found. What we did find now ever was this little Golden Mantled Groundsquirrel.
In the same area we also found a pair of Pika's. I usually only find these little sweethearts at Lake Louise. With no plans to get there this year, these fella's were a great treat.
This is the time of year when they start caching pounds and pounds of grass to keep them over the winter.
We did run into several small herds of Mountain Sheep. I thought that I would try a few shots to see if I could really see any difference.
On the way home we found a critter I have had on my list for quite some time. It took us a couple of passes but we finally spotted one of these little gems.
Kerri spotted this Hoary Marmot in a spot where you wouldn't expect. She also found this long distance version, which is more typically where you expect to see a Marmot. This is a first for the blog, so I always like adding a second image:)
Between the Marmot shots I was supprised by this GBH.  This was a quick shot.
On the final section of our drive we came upon this Great Grey Owl. It has a very unique colouration. I find that it as actually more "brown" than they typical "grey" that we find.
So a trip that started out on the hunt for large critters, we ended up finding some large birds and  several smaller critters. All the same a very successful day.  A thank you to Kerri who was terrific company. Calgary is the place to be for wildlife sightings. Come on out and lets find some critters together.

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