Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Bobcat, Nuthatch, Squirrel (20141105) What a fabulous discovery today.

I have watched some pretty nice days pass without getting out any where, so I committed to my bride that I would get out for a walk today. After e-conversing with Mike K, I decided to head out to the Weaselhead for a stroll. Mike had let me know that the bird walkers had spotted a family of Bobcats the previous day.
I was on the start of the walk when I grabbed this Black billed Magpie.
My next opportunity was a Blue Jay, but I was too slow. This little Nuthatch was quite a bit more cooperative, so I did manage to get a shot it.
My next subject was on caught on the same tree. I don't usually shoot squirrels and post them, but today I thought I would throw one in.
I met up with the birding group and got the low down on the Bobcat spotting of yesterday. So I continued on with my stroll. From the bridge I spotted some Waxwings and thought I would likely be able to get closer.
After spending about twenty minutes with these great looking birds I was ready to move along.
Just after finishing up, I met up with Vlad and we were having a great conversation whenWayne called and provided some "hot information" regarding the spotting of the Bobcats. So Vlad and I headed over to see if we could spot a cat or two. At first we couldn't see anything then after a few minutes this gorgeous critter appeared.
It only laid down for less than a minute.  Up and at 'em!
I believe that this is likely one of the two kittens that were spotted, this was not a very large cat.
I love how it "stalked" onto the edge of the garage, as it was putting the hunt on a red squirrel that was in the area.
The cat later appeared at the roofline of the garage, pretty unconcerned about my presence..
Here it looks right at me and just ignores me. I love that it allowed me into its "circle of confidence".
I didn't want to appear to "lurking" in the area too long with my camera, so I took a walk around the block and returnd to find the cat relaxing comfortably.
I left the cat just like that, "snoozing" in the sun. What a privilege to be allowed to observe and share some time with this beautiful animal. Put some wild in your life soon!

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