Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Long-tailed Weasel special (20141118) This little animal has captured the hearts of a City!

For the past two weeks one of the city parks has been home to a very active Long-tailed Weasel that is almost reliable with its appearance. Part of the challenge is being around at the same time it is out and about. even though these little carnivore's are primarily nocturnal this unit makes frequent appearances during daylight. While the papparazi is waiting we are always on the look out for any other wildlife worth shooting, like this male Pileated Woodpecker.
We were fortunate to have this Great Horned Owl watching over us as we were waiting for the weasel to put in an appearance.
There were about 7 photogs standing around when the call went out and the activity level went from 1-100.
The shutters starting clicking and eyes tried follow this little white killer on the snow and amongst the trees and sticks.
This is its backyard an it knows where every nook and cranny to hide is, and where every vantage point to check out what is happening in its area. It was keeping as close an eye on us as we were on it.
Talk about fast! While it would travel at times at a slow lope, there were times when it would demonstrate real speed. I am afraid the local meadow voles don't stand much of a chance.
This animal has tremendous flexibilty that would likely put a human gymnast to shame and their energy seems to be boundless.
Every now it then it would stop and keep track of all the photogs, and still try and find a little something to eat. Giving us an opportunity to capture some images.
The challenge of course is to grab an acceptable image of these elusive in action. I haven't been able to actually catch it catching anything, but it is great to try to get a shot of them in motion too.
I have to tell you that it was an absolute blast to spend an active hour with this amazing mammal!  Get some wild in your life, it will do your heart good!

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