Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Snow birds, Golden Eagle, Prairie Falcon (20141116) Will we find the Badger again?

With our great success yesterday Jamie and I thought we see if we could duplicate all of our pleasant encounters. So we headed out a little later in the morning. We made our way over to the badger area and had no luck. So we searched the area for Snowy's, and found a large flock of Buntings and Larks. With Jamie driving today it was my turn to try out the "stop, drop, and roll" tactic. befor Jamie was three carlengths away I was treated to some avian company.
It was again great to be contained within the flock and be provided with great opportunities.
We were fortunate to have some super light, but the wind was howling and it we wouldn't want it to be any colder.
The Lark colouring is a little light right now, they will look much better in about 4 months when their breeding plumage darkens up.
The Buntings on the other hand are their most colourful right now. Most folks think that these birds are black and white, I think they have wonderful markings.
While I was suffering the chilling winds Jamie was out and picked up a Great Horned Owl in someone's yard. I am hoping he will provide an image for the post here later. We swung by and spotted the owl in the back of the property, the large dogs were not going to let us get any shots. Our next sighting was this Prairie Falcon, I am afraid Jamie missed a drive by opportunity.
Next we found our large flock once again, and this time we just sat on the side of the road and they enveloped us. It was another great encounter. All in all we found three Snowy Owls and this was the most cooperative.
We were getting to the end of the run when Jamie spied this large bird in a tree. He got us stopped in time for a couple of images to be captured of this wonderful Golden Eagle.
We finished up our shooting with a little session with a small flock of Redpolls.
Here are a couple playing on the antenae of Jamie's truck.
Of course were were in the ditch trying to get better images. I hope you enjoy this shot. It is very nice to see these birds this year, as we didn't find them any where last winter.
Here's hoping you get to have a little wild in your life soon!

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