Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Rusty Blackbird, Great Horned Owl (20141107) A nice way to start the new year

Well, this morning I thought I would give the little white weasel another shot to see if it would make an appearance. Persistence and patience are key aspects of finding wildlife of any ilk, when you are focusing on a single animal the 2 P’s become even more important. On my first pass through the area no weasel was present but there were a couple of other hopeful photogs also looking for a “shot” or two. We took a little stroll and I spied this youngster, probably hunting, as there were a voles running around everywhere it seemed.
A second shot of the same owl showing of the youthful colour on its legs that will surely darken as its back and wings has done. 
We worked our way back to the “weasel” area. Although it did not appear we enjoyed the company of two Rusty Blackbirds. Apparently they only develop their “rusty” colour after the breeding season.
It was interesting to watch as they would walk along the water’s edge and flip deciduous leaves.
 As they approached the leaves they would find a spot to grab hold and flip the leaf, making ripples which made locating the bird around the small pond easy.
Finding a little worm or grub under the leaf they pick it up, give it shake and chow it down.
Our next visitor was this young Bald Eagle. It popped in sat for a while and left pretty quickly, it didn’t give us much opportunity to get images.
I took Rob over to where  Mike and I had spotted the pair of owls yesterday. I had seen one there earlier and he was interested in grabbing a couple of shots.
On the way over, woody made an appearance so I grabbed a couple of shots.
The young owl was still at its perch, I believe this is a sibling of the owl earlier in the post.
While the weasel eluded me again, I had a great day in the south end of FCPP with some of the winter birds and some late migrants.  This week put a little wild in your life!

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