Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Third aniversary Post.(20141106) What do I put in here?????

Today marks the blogs 3rd anniversary and I am really confused. It has been a SUPER year. What images do I put in this post that outlines the year of the "Blog"?  Well after some consultation with my daughter she has convinced me that this is my "catch of the year!" With less than 600 of these large birds in the wild, rebuilding from just 14 individual birds in the 1940's, the Whooping Crane. What a testament to efforts of man to correct a disaster of our making.

I have had an outstanding year with Owls, whether Snowy's, Great HornedShort EaredGreat GreyNorthern PygmyNorthern Hawk, or my most recent the Barred.  Grouse were my next volumious opportunity specie with Shaptails (the only grouse I don't have chick images of yet), Spruce, Ruffed, and even Dusky's, which were a first for the blog this year. Other newbies of the year included a Pine Marten, Badgers, a Lewis's and Black-backed Woodpecker, frogs, both Hoary and Yellow bellied Marmots. Of special note this year were the cats, both a Lynx and a Bobcat!
As I typically include some statistics in these posts I am grateful for the people that come and look at what we find on our "tracks". Year 1 just over 4,000 views, Year 2 had significant growth with 10,000+ views, and Year 3 has continued that growth to 25000+ views in the year. So blog views now top the 40,000 mark, with the "world" having discovered my presence here, Canada now makes up only about 37% of all my views with the USA coming in a close second at about 34%. Russia, Ukraine, and France fill out the top 5 countries to date. In year one I posted about 140 subjects, year two was right around 200 and this past year we netted just over 200 different subjects.
Here is to a whole new year!

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