Monday, 17 November 2014

Snowy Owls, Badger (20141115) Lets see if we can find a Snowy today

As quite a few people have been posting Snowy shots this past week we (Jamie, Tim and I) thought we would join the hunt. The drive out was pretty uneventful even though we were focused on anything that moved. We were watching some buntings when sw spooked our first owl of the day. He popped off the fence and into the field where we wereable to grab an image or two.
Again we were focusing on some smaller birds when the bunting put up our second owl of the day. No shots of that owl for here, but out third owl was spied on a telephone pole and held for a couple of shots.
Owl number four got tired of hearing our cameras click. It was a very good sport.
Or, is it whining: "why won't these guys leave me ALONE?".
Next we spotted our fifth of the day just 2-300 yards up the road from this bird. Our next subject was a flock of Grey Partridge that ran but fortunately held for an image or two.
Next sharp eyed Tim spied this Prairie Falcon on the side of a hay bale,  with what looked like maybe a Magpie for its lunch.
I had dumped Tim and Jamie off for a patented "Turbo's stop, drop, and roll" action when I found this little sweetheart in a field. I had to stop and grab a couple of images.
I watched this ground dog for a couple of minutes and was thinking of the boys the whole time. Would it stick around for a few minutes while I rounded them up? I was hoping, but I tokk a couple of extra shots, just in case:)
Well, thankfully when we returned our target was still there. The boys got their shots while I was busy talking to a land owner get permission to walk more property. So we decided to head for a meal and on the way we ran into another owl.
Here are the other sides of those large powerful wings. Is there any wonder why we search out these birds to photo?
After lunch we all decided to see if our badger was available for yet another viewing, and we were rewarded.
I love the power that these animals have and watching them plowing through snow is fabulous. On another point check out the claws on these critters.
Things slowed down through the afternoon but I thought I wold toss in a coupleof images of our last Snowy of the day. They might be the best of the day.
And now perhaps my best ever Snowy in the air. I have to really appreciate the bird here. It was so terrific that it flew up passed us and into the sun showing off the golden hour light.
What a fabulous day! Here is hoping that you get a little wild in your life soon! Drop by and see me in Calgary.

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