Friday, 14 November 2014

Long-tailed weasel, GHO, Pileated (20141112) City parks part 2

Well bright sun and the need for a walk was all I need to brave the -20 C temperature today. I found myself heading back to the unfindable to me Long-tailed Weasel haunt. I had forgot my 2.0 Teleconverter at home and luckily enough still had my 1.4 available to extend my reach today. First order of business; grab an image of this little White-breasted Nuthatch.
Did a pass by the "weasel spot" and came up empty. So I headed over to where the young GHO's have been hanging out and I wasn't disappointed. At first I only spied the lower bird, then all of a sudden I noticed that there were a pair!
Another pass by weasel land turned up nothing, but I couldn't resist this shot of a Nuthatch "hanging on"!
Next sighting wa a rare bird for this city park. I have spotted Rough-legged hawks around the city before, but this is a first for this area.
I hooked up with Rob and Bob who were also on the hunt for the little white ghost. This pileated flew in and kept us entertained for a while.
Here is another shot of this photogenic male. It was a pleasure to shoot him.
It was great to have super light and cooperative subjects. I had just decided to head home for lunch. As I approached Rob and Bob, I got the "wave" so I hustled over and managed to grab a couple of shots.
These are quick little critters and tough to find when they are white on white :)
I was ecstactic to be able to finally find this beautiful carnivore. I am very happy to bring this new to the Blog hunter to my viewers. Our encounter only lasted about 5 or 6 minutes and during that time the little target would disappear for up to a minute at a time.
I hope that everyone get some some wild in their life this week! If you are in Calgary look me up and we will do a track together.

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