Friday, 14 November 2014

Muley Buck, Bald Eagle (20141108) A trip to the deep south with Kerri

I wanted to hear all about Kerri's recent Grizlly tour and she wanted to find some Golden Eagles so we headed out on Saturday morning. We were thankful of the time change as we are accustomed to getting out early and with the sun rising later and later things worked out. Breakfast served and we were on the hunt. This young Redtail was our first "guest".
We spotted a nice young doe in the river, but the light was very poor so no publishable images. Our next great encounter were a group of Mule deer. Here is a sequence of a nice rutting buck jumping a fence. 
I love these next two images of him in the air.
He just seems to "hang" there, very cartoonish.
Of course the "coming down" portion has been well documented in the past.
And now for the touch down as he almost disappears into the shade.
With my moose jumping sequence earlier, I thought I should follow up with a deer :) Our next sighting was a little surprise of what we expect is a mother and child Bald Eagle pairing.
We headed into the end of the road and turned around. On the way out we found the youngster all alone. It would appear that his talons have fresh blood on them.
We had spotted a couple of Goldens by this time but they were all to far away for  usuable shots. Here is one of probably eight or ten different Rough legged's on the day. This bird had quite a gap in its wing.
The wind was now up pretty good and it seemed like everything else disappearing. I will thouw in an videnc eshot of a Golden here, just to sho that we found them, but not a shot I'm proud of.
On the day we found 9 or 10 eagles in total half we belive were goldens, so a great day out for those birds. I'm wrapping this post up with a critter I don't think I have ever posted before, domestic pigs. These guys were just running around the yard unencumbered by fences. It is the first time I can remember ever seeing "calico" coloured pigs.
With the upcoming week, put some wild in your life!

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