Sunday, 16 November 2014

Three-toed Woodpecker, Nuthatches (20141113) City parks part 3

I found myself this morning heading back to Bebo Grove to look for the Black-backed Woodpecker. It was another very cool morning in the -20C category, so I was greatful to be out of the wind. I was able to find this little lady by her tapping. My first Three-toed Woodpecker.
Then another lady joined into the tapping party and just a few feet away, and I found this little Downy joining in on the drum section:)
About an hour later I once again heard a little tapping and found this little lady on the other side of the river. This is a second Three-toed for the day.
My next subject is a bird i have posted before, but I believe this is a much better image. This is a leucistic Red-breasted Nuthatch.
I have been struggling to come up with a good caption for this next image and the two Black-capped Chickadees. I was thinking something like: "Mom, Johnny is getting all the good seeds!" If you have a suggestion leave me a comment:)
Here is shot of a regular Red-breasted Nuthatch for comparison to the bird up a couple of images.
I bumped into a couple of birders and asked if they would like to see a Three-toed and they were interested. When I went back down to the river, I didn't find the little female from just 20 minutes early, but I spot this male.
As I was starting to get hungry I decided to head home, on the walk back to the truck I found this male Three-toed banging his head against a tree.
A very successful morning walk around one of our great parks here in Calgary. I decided on stopping in and checking on the weasel. I hope you too get a little wild in your life soon.

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