Monday, 17 November 2014

Whitetail Bucks (20141113) City parks part 4

So its Thursday afternoon and I grabbed some nuts from the front seat of the truck after my walk through Bebo Grove with the Three-toeds. I decided to check on the weasel and bumped into Rob there again on the hunt. About 15 minutes in a Whitetail Doe went past us and Rob wondered where the buck was hiding. I spied him just a minute later.
There is no question as to what is on his mind, and it wasn't "fight ot flight" :)
As he worked his way through the small patch of woods he offere us great opportunities to shoot him in all kinds of poses, and with a lot of different backgrounds.
Here is the object of his affections. She looks great with just a touch of snow on her snout.
He was a pretty persistent suitor and didn't want to let her out of his sight.
We then had a mounted Calgary policeman come through and he and his horse spooked these two potential mates. They didn't go far so we were stiall able to capture more images. I like this shot for how little of the deer you actually get to see.
She eventually headed off to another piece of the park with him in "hot pursuit", sorry I have to think of Smokey and the Bandit whenever I use that term:)
We spent over an hour with this terrific pair, and since they had headed off and the weasel didn't seem be coppoerative we headed home. I did manage to spy the two of them through the trees and watched for a couple of minutes before moving on. When I turned the corner a small deer caught my eye and I stopped to look. As I searched the hillside a little more I found this big fella.
I believe that this is the same buck I found two years ago.You can find my best shots of that 3ncounter here. I watched as he paid little attention to people walking on the pathway below him so I decided to improve my postion.
He was following this little Doe as is there custom this time of year.
Now the ste to see if she will be receptive to his advances, or will he be wasting his time chasing her?
He decided not to pursue her at this time, so he just moved along the ridge. I have ncluded this next shot as I really like the shadow on his back where you can count his 6 points on this left side.
Another top quality encounter with some of natures large mammals after a wonderful morning with some small birds, how much better can it get?  Put a little wild in your life soon.

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