Sunday, 31 January 2016

Cardinal, coot, squirrel (20160125) A trip back to the Pond looking for the Otter.'

With the promise of a bright sunny day I thought I would head into the pond and see if I could get better images and video of the Otter that I shot there a couple of days ago.  So I stopped in to check out the food supply for the local celebrity. I have been spotting more and more squirrels in the area.
 Also this morning the female Cardinal put in an appearance. It was really nice to find her in the berries.
It is also nice to be able to capture a Chickadee on a nice frosty branch. One of my favourite environments!
Then the lady Cardinal provided an excellent pose, that I really enjoy. It is just great to have such beautiful light this morning.
With the morning traffic cleared, I headed to downtown Dartmouth and Sully's pond to see if the otter was around. Unfortunately it seems he is not around. So I take advantage of available targets and great light. I am always trying to get better Mallard shots.
After a bit this little black-headed gull came in and started to bath in the flow of the creek.
It spent quite a while dipping and fluffing around in the water. It spent probably 7-10 minutes dabbling. It put on quite a show!
I'll finish this post with a tough bird to shoot, and I am happy with the result. The old, ivory billed duck is a tough subject. I enjoy the American Coot.
A terrific day with terrific light, putting a little "wild" in your life can't get any easier than that!

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