Monday, 11 March 2013

Ibis, GBH, Waterbirds, Yellow rumped warblers, Osprey Day 4 California Part one (130304) Audubon

Well the ladies wanted to go shopping this morning so I got them to drop me off at the local Audubon spot, it started to look pretty good as soon as I got out the car, it took me about 3 minutes to grab these shots of  this White Faced Ibis, Prior it it receiving its breeding plummage.
And this Great Blue Heron, it was a promising start, and the balance of the day was just as productive, I can already tell this will run unto two separate updates.
At the second "pond" I found this crew of shorebirds, I have seen so many Black Necked Stilts in one place before.
There were a lot birds, I think I put up a little Green Heron, but I have no evidence. That really ticks me, as it would have been my first :( Here is a descent shot of a Coot.
I grabbed shots of a Bush Tit, Mourning Dove and even a Carp in the water. Then I spotted this little fella with some nesting materials that were being a little bit of a challenge for him.
Of course there were Hummer's here and there.

I grabbed my first ever Western Grebe, but it wouldn't come close enough for an acceptable shot. I couldn't resist posting this Bush Tit as it was attempting to feed upside down.
There were a lot of Yellow Rumped Warblers and I was able to grab a quick shot of this fella.
Then I found this very cooperative Osprey. He had a fish that he was feeding on and afforded me a 40 foot viewing.
Here is a shot if him with his meal, it actually only really looks like a half a fish.
Well I will wrap this up here as it was about half way through my walk. Stay tuned there is more to come.

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