Thursday, 14 March 2013

Blackcrowned Night Heron, Turkey Vulture, Burrowing owl Return to Bolsa Chica (20130308) Part 2

As I mentioned in my last post, I love the California light in the California sun. This is also why I love to get out into new country, whether it is a new road, a new walk, or a new region-- finding new stuff never gets tired! While there won't be anything new on this post, I can't stop pinching the shutter:) This is the second Osprey I have found here with a fish. Love it!
I thought that I would throw in this shot of a juvenile Bufflehead.
I think a month from now things would be booming in this area, I can tell by even the smallest flowers that are already starting to pop up:)
I passed by a Black Crowned Night Heron on the walk over, on the way back there was a juvenile in nearly the same spot.
On the way back to the Owl hang out, I ran into a Northern Harrier, and a couple of these ominous folks.
Of course I also love the Cacti, and when they are in bloom, even more. Not only are there new critters and birds here, there are a tremendous amount of new flora as well.
Almost to the owl hole :) and this fellow did a close in fly by that turned out pretty good.
While birds have been the focus of this trip, there just don't seem any critters around. I think you would have to look long and hard to find a moose in this country :)  I did find a new critter on this walk though, I almost stepped on a snake, I don't know what kind I expect a variation of a Garter snake. I got two images of the tail section, but they were both blurry. While I was waiting to get a glimpse of my favourite new owl I bumped into Lam-Son who showed me that there was actually a second owl in the same area. So I grabbed this image to wrap up my tour.
Tomorrow will be my last opportunity to get out, we are headed out to Laguna Beach so the girls can do more shopping, what's up with that? Do you think they are addicted? Have a great wildlife day!

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